Mile 136.7: Small Achievements

We hit a few milestones this past week, which give us a lot of energy to keep pushing hard on the trail.

Tuesday we entered our second state, North Carolina, while Wednesday we hiked the first 100 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

One hundred miles might not be a lot compared to almost 2200, but reading that number on top of Albert Mountain made me feel a little accomplished.

I just walked all those miles in the woods and not only I survived but I fell in love with this life.

I might be dirty, I might stink, and I might not live in the most comfortable situations, but what this trail gifted me in just 10 days might be worth a thousand time more than years of “regular” lifestyle.

Every day on this trail is a story of his own. I’ve already met so many curious individuals that a book wouldn’t been enough to describe them all.

Like “Two Packs,” who is apparently wanted by the rangers of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy because all the fires he’s been starting in these past days.

Two Packs (he’s got this name because he carries two backpacks, one on his shoulders and one on his arms) doesn’t own neither a tent nor a sleeping bag, so he had the brilliant idea to set trees on fire to stay warm at night.

He means no harm, but maybe he should reconsider his behaviors in the woods. At least if he plans on finishing his thru-hike.

Here we all want to get to Mount Katahdin and it’s a little sad to think that only the 20 percent of us will make it there.

That’s the trail, I suppose. If gives you a lot and at the same time it takes a lot from you.

But we keep going, step by step, writing our own history and achieving a little something every day.

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